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While being pregnant i read about many things new parents need for… - toucha

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August 11th, 2009

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11:33 am
While being pregnant i read about many things new parents need for the baby... some were right for me, some not.... In case someone needs or just me, that's what i liked (in order of importance):

0) disposable underwear (you can buy them in buy buy baby, i think medela does them, but not sure.... or steal in a hospital
1) Special needs feeder by medela (20 bucks will save you a lot of headache)
2) medela pump (don't remember which one - we got for both breasts at the same time) - the best thing ever, despite the look...
3) medela plastic bottles with colored numbers for ml. and steriliser
4) stokke - everything: changing table (the best)
5) stokke - stroller
6) stokke - crib (stokke sheets we did not really use, just flanel pelenki :) plus it saves tons of money - sheets are expensive, you need a water resistant protective sheet though....... i would say if new stokke is too expensive get a used one (everything)
7) wipes warmer
8) diaper geeni
9) welleda creams
10) clothes: kissy-kissy, baby cotton, baby magnolia, jacadi (for 3 months old etc). We did not use gowns or socks.... mostly onesies, and sometimes footies, hats with a knot (plus they look cuter)... out of cheaper ones - we hated gap..., but really liked H&M...
11) especially for beginning - a lot of flanel pelenki, couple of towels (for later, like 2-3 months more like 6 hooded towels, no bath robe though)
12) "especially for baby" disposable changing pads (god forbid huggies - they will be on your baby's butt)
13) tiny love mobile toys for the crib (nad golovoi)
14) jacadi bed bumper (both : longer and lower for us, and taller, but short french version)
15) baby oil, wash cloth, special no tears shampoo for scalp (especially for cradle cap, also special cream for cradle cap)
16) pampers sensitive (tried other brands and did not like them)
17) enfamil premium lipil
18) mazy-cosy car seat (really good one)
19) a lot of burp cloths for first 2 month, then bibs are more convenient

Things we did not like:

1) quinny stroller
2) huggies
3) gowns
4) gap clothes
5) ikea changing table

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